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SIPTEC was the first company in Europe to manufacture SIP Panels, we started 32 years ago. Since then, we have developed and refined the process to the point where we now produce the best quality most cost-effective FIRE PROOF Structural Insulated Panel system that money can buy.


Why you should consider choosing Sips By SIPTEC ECO TEC PUR SIPS

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Cost is not the only reason for choosing SIPTEC Structural Insulated Panels.

Compare the thermal value of PUR to EPS

Look for fire proof facings

SIPS -Siptec are extremely energy efficient, they are strong and durable and are specifically designed to carry significant loads imposed by long, unbroken expanses.

SIPTEC Structural Insulated Panels come as component SIPS or may be packaged as a pre cut SIP building kit. Either way, you get the highly professional results of almost a quarter of a century of dedicated research and development.

SIPTEC Structural Insulated Panels are made up of an energy-efficient Polyurethane foam core, enclosed in a high-density  OSB or SIPTEC FP  sandwich. The foam core provides super thermal insulation, while the exterior skin/facings account for the high tensile and compressive strength. This superior thermal performance of our SIPS significantly reduces heating & cooling costs, limits air infiltration and creates a quiet draft-free interior.