Siptec Modular Building System

Hotel Room Modules Completed From as little as £12,500!

Incredible Low Cost High Quality Construction

When the modules are stacked this places 4 fire resistant facings between each room on every elevation so death by fire & destruction is extremely unlikely.

Build time is drastically reduced At a fraction of the cost of conventional Hotel Build cost

Ideal Student Accommodation

Modules are manufactured using the Siptec ECOTEC Fireproof Structural Panel.



The SMBS is a unique product developed to provide very high specification with low cost, Modular Hotel Rooms, Student Accommodation, Military Barracks, Workers Accommodation and Holiday Chalets, Home, Offices Garden Buildings etc.

The system uses The Siptec Eco Tec, Super Insulated Fire Proof Panel that boast superb acoustic resistance. Thus placing up to 4 fire barriers between each accommodation module on every elevation, acoustic resistance is better than 59db.

The Modules are extremely strong, structural and can be stacked to at least 5 modules high.

The build concept delivers an accommodation module that has very high resistance to vandalism, it is impossible to kick in the walls and accidental damage is unlikely.

Modules can be delivered as a flat pack for local assembly therefore reducing transport cost or as fully completed units assembled locally by Siptec Dealers. Numerous companies worldwide have shown considerable interest in representing the SIPTEC-MBS.

The modules are rapidly assembled from the component parts, using the unique Siptec components and standard off the shelf parts, electrics and plumbing ( M &E ) is simple and straightforward to install, the system delivers very low cost on site ground works and M & E Installation, typical cost of foundations being as little as €150, per square meter.

The rapid Wall Panel / Roof assembly system can easily be applied to the build of low cost holiday accommodation, Apartments, Chalets, simple Huts, Low Cost Housing and Emergency Relief Homes.

Typical selling price for a complete hotel room module would go from €14,000, including interior furnishings etc
a major UK Chain budgets for £36,000 GBP per room plus the land cost.
Modules can be delivered as completely finished units with Bathroom, Carpets, and Furnishings. Windows in Aluminium, UPVC or Light Oak.

Cash Flow on this type of supply is very positive typically 40% with order and balance prior to delivery of the completed module.

Detailed costing is commercially sensitive and can only be disclosed to interested clients.

Operating Partners Required World Wide