Licensing A Siptec Operation

Want to operate your own Structural Insulated Panel manufacturing company?

SIPTEC Can offer you a license to operate the Siptec system in your own exclusive territory. 
With the Siptec license you are authorised to use all of our Structural Test Data and Intellectual Property along with our vast experience in manufacture, engineering and erection of SIP Buildings. This can save huge amounts of money and time going through the expensive & tedious testing procedures. All testing is to BSI & EN Standards and complies with CE Type Approval.

SIPTEC ( Registered Trade Name) is a very strong Internationally recognised Brand Name that will generate immediate enquiries within your exclusive Regional Franchise Area.

SIPTEC  now offer a “budget” SIP Manufacturing Line.

This line has been developed to meet the rapid rising demand for SIP’s. It comprises of  a 3 meter Multi Stack Double End Load Press, complete with tooling sets for 125 & 150 MM SIPS for 6 panel pressing per cycle. A High Throughput Low Pressure foam plant  complete with auto level control, chemical transfer etc.The package also includes a water cooled chemical temperature  conditioning machine.

You will require a clean dry Air supply (not included)  We can offer a second loader and tooling sets for 100, 125 , 150  &  200 mm SIP manufacture,  This effectively doubles daily Panel Production.

SIPTEC also  manufacture a low cost Structural Insulation Panel Laminating Line:

This Press package comes  complete with training in production

designed for cost effective production of budget sips.







Licensing Opportunities

We can offer business opportunities in:- SIP manufacture, sales, building sales and erection, wherever SIP’s are required, a SIPTEC licensed plant will generate very attractive returns on investment.
SIPTEC will analyse and develop local market information, ascertain what product should be produced and volume levels, to optimise investment returns, analyse local labour, material costs, capital and finance facilities and produce a feasibility study. Draw up performance specification for the plant, design procure and oversee the manufacture, testing, installation and commissioning of all production machinery.

SIPTEC will train management, manufacturing and sales personnel in application of the technology, License fees, plant & equipment costs will be payable in three installments. The initial license fee is used to support SIPTEC’s assistance to the Licensee during the Set Up and technology transfer process.

The SIPTEC system is a fully developed production process which can be brought to readiness in a period of 3 to 4 months,  which is capable of manufacturing sufficient panels for the construction up to 3000-6000 houses per annum, this of course is scaleable either up or down.

The system is purchased under license, as all testing and product research and development are carried out under the SIPTEC brand name and on a continual improvement basis. We have extensive testing figures compiled from work conducted at BRE, BTC, CERAM and Surrey University, and will produce all the necessary certification to allow the product to sell openly on the market.

email Tony Palmer and he will immediately get back to you.. Interested? contact Siptec Here